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Alsisar Hotel
Alsisar Mahal is like royalty revisited, meticulous care has been taken with refurbishing this Heritage fort so it remains true to its original splendour. Alsisar Mahal lies in the old fort situated in the village Alsisar which is 23 Km's from district head quarted ' Jhunjhunu' in Rajasthan, bringing back to life the grandeur of the old days and is memorable regal Rajasthan experience for the Guests. More than five centuries ago, the grandson of Maharaja Udaikaran of Amer, Rao Shekhaji, founded the sub-clan popularly known as Shekhawat. Alsisar Mahal is owned by this Branch of the Kachhawa clan of Rajputs. The descendants of the family have restructured and refurbished their old mansion (Haveli) into a modern day Heritage Hotel to give the guests a feel of the Royal days. Alsisar Mahal lies tucked away in the heart of the Alsisar Village. It brings back to life the grandeur of the old days and is a memorable regal Rajasthani experience for the guests. The large elevated platform that dominates the central area of the ground floor and once used for get-togethers by the gents of the house is now open to guests who can witness puppet shows and folk dances while enjoying their snacks or drinks. The spacious lobby, which opens into the chowk (inner courtyard), was a century ago used by the ladies of the house and is now open to guests for a tête-à-tête.
Indra Vilas Heritage Hotel
In the arid Northern Rajasthan, the Shekhawati region produced the founder's of some of India's finest business houses way back in the 17th and 18th centuries. As trade centres moved, the families moved on. The mansions they left behind gained attention only in the last two decades when intrepid visitors started stumbling upon a virtual open air art gallery of dimensions unparalleled anywhere. The mansions, the memorials, the temples, the wells, the ponds are all painted with murals and motifs of all kinds in rich colors. Indra Vilas is the largest Haveli in Alsisar, Shekhawati. It has been refurnished to give the experience of the bygone era to the present day connoisseurs to come and savor the life of color and joy in the desert streets of this village.