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Chariot Beach Resort
At the southern edge of Mahabalipuram is a group of five free-standing temples. Four of them were carved out of a single long granite boulder. These temples represent the rathas (Chariots) of Arjuna, Bhima, Dharmaraja, Nakula-Sahadeva the five Pandava princes of the epic Mahabharata. The creative architecture stand in testimony to the virile artistic temperament of the rules who were trendsetters in south Indian art. At Mahabalipuram, the past lives side by side with the present in a unique tapestry of living history. Potters continue to create wonderful shapes. Stone cutters still chisel out wonders out of stone. Festivals whose origins date back into antiquity are still celebrated. Against this wondrous backdrop and on the glistening sands of the Bay of Bengal is Chennai's newest resort, surrounded by history. Savor its picture perfect position, drench yourself in the magic. It's a place you just got to be!Unspoiled. Of all the words in the English Language, it's the most accurate description of the landscapes you'll discover at Chariot Beach Resort. With a spectacular Conference Centre, spacious meeting facilities, superlative accommodations, and stunning beachfront property, it is the ideal destination for groups, events, meetings and convention. Or just a private get away. Health spas, specialty restaurants, an anytime - is- party- time watering hole and huge stretches of sand surf complete the indulgence.
GRT Temple Bay
GRT Temple Bay, a luxurious beach resort, is situated at the scenic, historic seaside town of Mamallapuram (better known as Mahabalipuram), which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Located 65 Kms away from the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Temple Bay resort houses elegantly furnished, luxurious rooms and cottages, all designed to give you a view of the azure sea, and the legendary Shore Temple. A well-deserved break for the traveler - GRT Temple Bay is a beach resort intelligently designed to offer the best of comfort and leisure for tourists. The resort also doubles up as an ideal location for your business needs, be it conventions, conferences or training & development programs.
Ideal Beach Resort
A haven of sun, surf and sand. Embedded in the picturesque corromandal coastline near the architectural, showpiece of Tamil Nadu -Mahabalipuram. A luxurious refuge in the lap of winds and the waves... Where in the hushed serenity, is situated, Ideal Beach Resort, a 50 km drive from Chennai, the metropolitan capital of Tamil Nadu and the cultural gateway of South India Ideal Beach Resort is like a glowing gem nestled in a lush tropical garden, a paradise of birds and butterflies. In this lap of nature is a haven of man-made luxury. Naturally, the in-house specialty is sea food-crabs, lobsters and a wide variety of fish, straight from the nets of the local fishermen. Ideal Beach Resort, a peace and beauty crystallized for you. Your leisure time you could visit our orchid farm at Mahabalipuram, Poonjeri Village. 30 different types and color of orchids are grown. 3 km from the resort
Mamallaa Heritage
Mamallapuram a place to reckon with great sculptures and heralding dynastics. A place shrouded in an area of history and splendour. Mamallapuram is a place of great significance and is one of the main heritage cenres in the Indian tourism industry. The drive from chennai to Mamallapuram is by itself a pleasure cruise. The East Coast Road winds through a stretch of calm, swaying, casuarina groves, With the golden beaches sliding all along the way and the salty breeze breaking upon face, blowing all your worries away. This stretch is becoming a vast recreation centre for Chennai residents. With all the existing entertainment centre's, resorts and artists villages and a lot more proposed on this stretch, this road will soon be the entertainment hub of Chennai. This exotic town has the rare combination of freedom and restriction, grandeur and grace, entertainment and education. You can feel the richness and the artistic inclination of the Pallavas in the air. Living legends and mammoth monoliths form a part of Mamallapuram's splendour. The salty air, timeless roar of the sea, the endless stretch of sand and sky will enrich your soul and enliven your spirits. Commanding a vital position in this bygone town of the pallavas is a hotel which embodies the Pallavan era of hospitality, beauty and enchantment, in its simple and screne environment- Hotel Mamallaa Heritage.