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Fifu Hotel
Hotel Fifu is managed by Fifu (Om Prakash Kewalia and Jitu (Jitendra Bissa) and their father Mr Bhanwar Lal Kewalia, a retired professor. Fifu and Jitu have been working in the hospitality service industry in Jaisalmer since 1996, when they set up a desert and camel safari business. Fifu Guest House started in 2000 and has slowly grown over the last few years, being renovated in 2006. Providing excellent service to all guests are Ramesh - the head chef, Bhoma Ram - the restaurant manager, Padam the assistant cook...and many more that are here to make your stay comfortable. Hotel Fifu welcomes you in Jaisalmer, the hotel was previously known as Fifu Guest House. Stay at Hotel Fifu which is previously known as Fifu Guest House, Jaisalmer. From the roof-top terrace you get a wonderful, panoramic view to the Jaisalmer Fort. It is located in a quiet street just outside the city - around ten minutes walk from the Jaisalmer Fort. The Hotel maintains historic Jaisalmeri charm whilst providing modern service and comfort. Built traditionally with golden sandstone, furnished and decorated in Rajasthani style, the hotel provides comfort with modern convenience that makes you feel like you are at home. Hotel Fifu also organise desert and camel safaris from Jaislamer to visit tourist sites as well as little known areas in the majestic Thar desert. We will take you on safari in an area of the desert where there is total privacy for those who prefer to stay away from the crowded tourist areas. From a half day tour to a longer safari can be organised a tour to suit you. The style of the building goes back to the traditional stone architecture found in Jaisalmer over the centuries. The building gives an impression of an old Haveli of Jaisalmer, which has beautiful carving works on the stone and balconies (Jharokhas). The rooms are furnished in a quiet taste, making use of the silk and cotton materials woven in Rajasthan. The walls are decorated with old embroidery and contemporary Jaisalmeri textiles. The Hotel has twelve rooms on three floors. The rooms are all double rooms with air-conditioning (silent) and have an attached western style bathroom/toilet. The north facing rooms have a view to the Jaisalmer Fort from a window seat. The south facing rooms have a desert view from a window seat. The hotel has three separate terraces where you can relax and enjoy the panoramic view to the Jaislamer Fort. The Fifu restaurant is located on the 3rd floor roof terrace. Lying back on the cushions in the stone seats after sunset, you have a stunning view of the illuminated Jaisalmer Fort while enjoying your dinner. The restaurant is vegetarian and serves Indian and Continental meals, snacks and drinks.
Rang Mahal
Welcome to Hotel Rangmahal, Jaisalmer - a place hotel in Jaisalmer Rajasthan where traditional hospitality of India can be experienced at its very best. This hotel in Jaisalmer enjoys a distinct reputation of being one of the few hotels that have retained the art of serving its guests while keeping in tune with the latest in hospitality industry.
Fort Rajwada
Looking over the fortress of Jaisalmer lies a six acre legacy of royal interiors and gardens called Fort Rajwada. Original balconies with intricate carvings and jalis as old as 450 years adorn the walls of its grand lobby, which is a true example of heritage preserved; complemented with by some of the finest conveniences of the 21st century. This princely home has an interior décor, created by the genius of renowned opera set designer, Ms. Stephanie Engeln, of France. In the midst of the Great Indian Thar Desert, this Grand Fort Like Hotel consisting of 91 rooms and 4 Royal Suites, welcomes you for, at the Fort Rajwada nothing is left to chance because of our commitment to detail. Re-live your life as a Rajwada Thakur, majestic, royal and elegant. So let us have the pleasure of your esteemed presence and we shall make every possible effort to make your ethnic dreams come true. Fort Rajwada is a successful attempt by Shri Dilip Singh Rathore & Shri Jitendra Singh Rathore to rediscover and restore the art & craft that made 'Bharat' the 'Eternal Golden Sparrow''. Built in 6 acres of land, this princely home has breathtaking interiors done in the traditional style. Located in the peaceful countryside on the outskirts of the golden city is this oasis of serenity & comfort. Fort Rajwada is a regal way of experiencing Jaisalmer. This luxury hotel stands tall among hotels in Western Rajasthan for its exquisite architecture blending with the picturesque & rich heritage of the Golden City - Jaisalmer. Built in the Golden City - Jaisalmer facing the "Sonar Killa" Fort Rajwada is a unique piece of architecture in yellow sand stone which comes alive with the fall of the sunrays on it giving it a golden glow to the absolute delight and enchantment of guests. The fine stone work in line with Jaisalmer's tradition is an attempt to revive the dying art of stone carving which ingrained in Marwad architecture. Fort Rajwada glows as a composite creation blending the traditional with the best in modern architecture. A stay here is bound to be cherished for long.
The Gateway Rawalkot
The majestic The Gateway Hotel, Rawalkot Jaisalmer is ideally located on a hillock providing breathtaking views of Jaisalmer town. From the hotel's strategic location one can also savor the spectacular panoramic views of the invincible Jaisalmer fort. The Gateway Hotel, Rawalkot Jaisalmer is tastefully designed, very much like a traditional Rajasthani haveli. The Gateway Hotel, Rawalkot Jaisalmer is a part of the elite Taj group which is renowned the world over for its impeccable hospitality standards.
Gorbandh Palace
Jaisalmer, the land of the Golden fort or the Sonar Kila is indeed a dream destination for tourists all over the world. The Gorbandh Palace hotel in Jaisalmer is one of the most beautifully decorated heritage hotels in India. From this hotel, you will have a clear view of the famous forts and sand dunes present in this part of the world. The term Gorbandh refers to a harness with which camels are decorated. So, in a sense, this hotel derives its name from the nearby desert. The Gorbandh Palace hotel has a central courtyard together with a swimming pool. Both of these are surrounded by guest rooms. This hotel is also known to organize special desert nights where you can witness traditional Rajasthani folk songs and dance numbers. All these are enough to give the tourists, a real feel of this rustic place. Puppet shows and other traditional programs are also organized by this hotel.