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Name  :  323 Gabby Fredman
Country  :  United States of America Traveled On : January, 2008 No Of Tourists : 01
Feedback  :  I had the BEST time with Ashok India Travels. The hotels were great, the driver was amazing and the sites speak for themselves. I also had the opportunity to meet staff members from the company and they were all very nice and welcoming. I would not have wanted to see India for the first time with any other group. Thank you, Gabby
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Name  :  316 Sid Vora & Jorge Haller
Country  :  United States of America Traveled On : December, 2008 No Of Tourists : 02
Feedback  :  Me and a friend spent a week in Rajasthan organized by Ashok India Travels and had the most wonderful time !! We had flown into Delhi and had a week before heading to Mumbai. Ashok India Travels handled everything in between, flights, car, pick up, hotels, safaris, entertainment.....everything. All I had to do was tell them the dates and they immediately sent back multiple Itineraries to choose from. I remember having needed to change my travel dates and they were able to accommodate the best they could (which was great considering Dec is the high season for them). I gave them my budget and they provided many options for hotels..... from very reasonable ones to more luxurious ones..... so we managed to squeeze in a few nights into " heritage" hotels which was a great experience in itself. All the accommodation was excellent..... very comfortable. We spent a night in the desert too!!!... We had an excellent car with a great driver (local) who had many stories to tell. We got a mix of the touristy stuff as well as a glimpse of local life and culture..... which was a great experience. In all, I found them to be very professional, accommodating and personal. My next trip to India would include Kerala and I will definitely call them again. I must add... for the short time that we were there...we covered a lot of ground... which needed good planning ! Great job guys....we had a great time and will always remember it !.... Thanks a ton
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Name  :  315 Muni Merani, Gulshan, Leila Munier, Celine
Country  :  Canada Traveled On : December, 2008 No Of Tourists : 04
Feedback  :  Hello Ashok India Travels: Last November, 4 of us traveled to India on a vacation. I had made all my inquiries from Canada through various agents and found Ashok India Travels to be very prompt and efficient. The prices they quoted were also very good in comparison to the other quotes I received. Upon our arrival in India, we found that all the arrangements were properly made. For the most part, the hotels we stayed at were 3 star. The hotels were good and clean with very friendly and caring staff. The only issue I had was with the hotel in Delhi, which was nice, but it was designed in such a way that voices carried to the rooms. The car that was provided was in very good condition and we experienced no mechanical difficulties en route. We arrived and stayed in Mumbai for a few days, after which we flew to Delhi. After that, we drove to Jaipur, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Orchha, Khajuraho and Varanasi. The driver who traveled with us for most of our journey was a young man named Raj, who was very nice and honest person and became like a member of our family. We met many members of Ashok's staff and found them all to be very efficient and courteous and very willing to help. Our trip was very successful and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ashok India Travels for your trip to India.
Muni Merani
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Name  :  315 Leila Dawood-Munier, Gulshan, Leila, Celine
Country  :  Canada Traveled On : December, 2008 No Of Tourists : 04
Feedback  :  I traveled to India with my young daughter, my aunt and cousin for the first time in 2008. What an amazing adventure. We still cant get over the wonders of India, the dichotomy between the richness of the culture and historic sites and the reality of everyday life took getting used to but we have every intention of visiting India again soon.What made the trip doubly a pleasure was the organization and treatment we received from the travel agency Ashok India Travels that had organized our trip. From the moment we stepped foot on Indian soil, we were taken care of by the agencies personnel, picked up at the airport and deposited at our hotel. Picked up on time everyday, shown the sites, with a few history lessons thrown in!! The drivers were always scrupulously courteous and helpful, knew what they were doing and gave us no cause for complaint. They gave us helpful advise on things to avoid and the best places to visit and shop at, even helping out where our own Hindi proved inadequate at times. Kudos to everyone at Ashok India Travels, who went out of their way to make this a memorable trip.
Leila Dawood

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Name  :  308 Andrea Bernauer und Edwin Frisco
Country  :  Germany Traveled On : November, 2008 No Of Tourists : 02
Feedback  :  Die Reise mit Ashok India Travels war absolut empfehlenswert - man fühlte sich zu jeder Zeit gut aufgehoben. Der nächste Indien Trip kommt bestimmt - und ich werde wieder auf diese Agentur vertrauen !
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